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Gran Sasso: Elevate your style with timeless Italian craftsmanship. Shop our exquisite collection of men's and women's fashion, blending quality fabrics with impeccable design. Discover luxury redefined. Shop our range of cashmere, wool, and Egyptian cotton. 

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Our most popular questions for Gran Sasso

What is the inspiration behind Gran Sasso's designs?

Gran Sasso's designs are inspired by the rich heritage of Italian fashion, blending classic motifs with contemporary flair to create timeless pieces that resonate with style-conscious individuals worldwide.

How does Gran Sasso ensure quality in its craftsmanship?

Quality is the cornerstone of Gran Sasso's craftsmanship. Every garment undergoes rigorous quality control processes, utilizing premium fabrics and the expertise of skilled artisans to ensure unparalleled excellence in every stitch.

What makes Gran Sasso stand out in the fashion industry?

Gran Sasso sets itself apart in the fashion industry by epitomizing timeless elegance and sophistication. With a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to superior craftsmanship, each Gran Sasso piece exudes refinement and luxury.

Are Gran Sasso products ethically sourced and produced?

Gran Sasso's dedication to ethical sourcing and production practices is unwavering. From selecting sustainably-sourced materials to partnering with factories that prioritize fair labor conditions, Gran Sasso upholds its responsibility to both people and the planet.

The background on Gran Sasso

Gran Sasso traces its origins back to 1952, emerging from the creative vision of the Maglione brothers: Carlo, Mario, and Annibale. Nestled in the charming town of Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, Italy, the brand draws inspiration from the majestic Gran Sasso mountain range, embodying the rugged beauty and timeless elegance of its surroundings.

From its inception, Gran Sasso distinguished itself through impeccable craftsmanship and a dedication to quality that resonated with fashion aficionados worldwide. Specializing initially in knitwear, the brand quickly gained recognition for its luxurious materials and expert tailoring, setting a standard of excellence in Italian fashion.

Throughout its evolution, Gran Sasso has remained steadfast in its commitment to heritage and innovation, continually refining its techniques and expanding its range to include a comprehensive selection of menswear and womenswear. Today, Gran Sasso stands as a symbol of Italian sophistication, cherished by discerning individuals who appreciate the fusion of tradition and modernity in their wardrobe choices.