Discover the remarkable success story of Atelier Gardeur, founded in 1920 in Mönchengladbach. Specializing initially in men's trousers, Gardeur expanded its range in 1981 to introduce 'Gardeur femme' for women. In 2007, the company made an influential commitment to sustainable production, pioneering the launch of fair trade cotton jeans. With their own Tunisian factories, Gardeur ensures transparency and responsibility throughout the production process, from cutting and sewing to washing and finishing.

Why buy Gardeur?

Quality Craftsmanship: Gardeur is known for its engineering prowess, and this extends to its clothing brands. Premium clothes made in Germany usually have an edge in terms of materials and construction quality.

Sustainable Practices: Gardeurs focus on sustainability in the fashion industry is well-documented

Durability: You're making a long-term investment when you purchase from these brands

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