POM Amsterdam

Since 2011, the sisters behind the POM Amsterdam brand, Liesbeth and Violet Lotgering, have been making high-quality scarves and clothing in which women feel beautiful and strong. Fashion items that emphasize unique femininity and with which you express your true, colourful self: Dare to be Colourful.

The collections consist of elegant and feminine styles characterised by contrasting colours, pronounced prints and the use of fine and natural fabrics. The sisters design all prints and items themselves. Each print tells a unique story and is hand painted by Violet from the colourful studio in Amsterdam. With more than 800 points of sale worldwide, POM Amsterdam has grown into a successful international fashion brand that continues to surprise.

At POM Amsterdam, we have changed our mission. We don't just want to empower women with colourful fashion, but with colourful AND sustainable fashion. Why? Because we want to make people happy with our fashion, but we also realise that the production process harms our planet. Therefore, we want to do our best to minimise that negative impact.

POM Amsterdam

Their goal is to progressively reduce their carbon footprint, aiming for carbon neutrality by the year 2030. They are dedicated to using sustainable materials in their product ranges, switching to environmentally responsible packaging, and focusing on local production. In addition, they are collaborating with eco-friendly shipping partners to lessen the ecological impact of transportation. Although completely eradicating CO2 emissions is not feasible, they commit to annually evaluating and offsetting any remaining carbon emissions.

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