Classico Como

Founded in a quaint town in Como province, our journey began in 1984 when Gianni Rasori passionately launched a small enterprise focused on crafting silk ties—Como's pride and a symbol of quintessential Italian style, especially iconic in the 80s.

As time passed and the fashion industry evolved, Gianni expanded the product range while maintaining the tie as an enduring staple. From this fusion of original vision and market adaptability emerged CLASSICO COMO, a brand initiated by Gianni's eldest son, Francesco. Attuned to contemporary trends yet deeply respectful of tradition, Francesco chose this name to encapsulate how classic elegance coexists with a proud connection to one's heritage.

Today, the next generation, siblings Elisabetta and Tommaso, have joined the ranks, infusing new life and fresh ideas into the brand. Their youthful yet sophisticated taste has helped transform the company into a family business with a promising trajectory for growth.

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