Black Sheep Knitwear

Black Sheep Knitwear

The story of Black Sheep began in 1966 when Clare Hoare serendipitously acquired six Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. Initially intended as cost-effective lawnmowers for her and her husband Gerard's Mill House, Clare's fascination with the breed grew as she discovered its endangered status and the need to secure its commercial future.

By 1982, Clare had cultivated a flock of over 500 breeding ewes, laying the foundation for a thriving business centered around spinning, knitting, and selling wool and garments. Throughout the '80s, Black Sheep garnered international acclaim for its distinct natural wool garments, responding to a soaring global demand.

Despite having a dedicated team of hand knitters, the overwhelming demand necessitated the addition of machine-knitted garments, all adhering to the 'made in England' ethos.

In the 1990s, Black Sheep embarked on a period of expansion, venturing into global exports. In 1999, Clare Hoare retired, passing the reins to her cousin Robert Hoare, who had joined the company in 1993. Alongside director Kate Barclay, Black Sheep continues to thrive, maintaining its commitment to British quality and personalized customer service.

The legacy of Black Sheep endures, epitomized by garments like the iconic 'Fergie,' embodying the brand's values of beauty, ruggedness, and durability.

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