British Vintage Boxing

Established in 2017, British Vintage Boxing (BVB) is a brand fueled by both passion and expertise, revitalizing classic men's fashion by infusing it with contemporary influences. Drawing stylistic cues from key eras in British boxing history, BVB stands at the nexus of vintage and contemporary, aesthetic and practicality.

Crafting garments that are both daily staples and aspirational pieces, BVB merges the ambiance of traditional boxing gyms with modern, sartorial elegance, offering affordable luxury in casual wear.

At the heart of our brand identity lies the enduring legacy of British boxing legend, Sir Henry Cooper, renowned not just for his 1963 bout with Muhammad Ali, but also for his affable nature and magnanimity. In collaboration with his estate since 2017, we pay tribute to this gentleman, celebrating his innate style, dignity, and representation of the sport's noble essence.

We breathe new life into a bygone era, drawing upon the minimalist retro visuals of the 1950s and 60s, seamlessly integrated into today's landscape through BVB's distinctive graphical elements and design aesthetics.

Our brand ethos is inclusive, welcoming everyone while excluding none.

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