Since 1777, Dents has been the premier producer of the world's most exquisite leather gloves for both men and women. Our diverse range features timeless essentials such as driving gloves, along with fashionable options like fingerless designs. Crafted from top-grade leathers and sumptuous linings, each pair is conceived in the UK. Our Heritage collection, meticulously assembled in our Warminster factory in England, epitomizes our enduring dedication to superior quality and artistry. Beyond our iconic leather gloves, we also offer a curated selection of other lavish accessories, including leather belts, wallets, cardholders, as well as an array of knitted gloves, hats, and scarves.

Royal Warrants signify a seal of excellence and are given to businesses that have served British royalty for at least five years. About 850 diverse firms hold these esteemed endorsements, showcasing a commitment to quality. Warrants are granted to specific individuals, who are then responsible for proper use of the designation, including the display of Royal Arms and the phrase 'By Appointment.'

Dents earned its Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales in 2016, elevating the brand's global reputation for quality.

Genuinely Authentic
While many manufacturers have shifted towards automation and overseas production, Dents remains true to craftsmanship in our Heritage Collection. We prioritize the skilled touch and attention to detail that only artisans can provide.

Crafted in the UK
For us, quality is paramount. Every piece in our Heritage Collection is both designed and produced in our specialized Warminster facility in the UK. Likewise, all Heritage accessories are British-designed and crafted.

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